The mandate of kondition pluriel is to contribute to the research and development of new artistic languages through the creation of interdisciplinary works incorporating choreography and media arts. The group’s objective is to combine elements of visual art, performance, contemporary dance and media art on an equal basis. In practice the goal is to give as much attention to the process as to the artistic product. In merging the disciplines, kondition pluriel works to build a new grammar, outside of known conventions. Evolving at the border between installation and spectacle, the artists are looking to define new modes of representation. The research into a balance between human factors and technological elements, the configuration of space in relation to the socio-cultural context of the place, the exchange between the body and the machine and the participation of the public are the pivotal parameters of this unique artistic language. In the projects by kondition pluriel, certain aspects of our daily life are questioned. This consists, amongst others, in the transformation and disembodiment of the mediated body, in the solitude and the voyeurism provoked by the phenomenon of tele-reality, and in the paranoia in a society with hyper-surveillance.