Inner Voices (2012)

The immersive film "Inner Voices" is specifically designed for 360° projection. It draws directly upon the artistic material previously produced for the "Intérieur" project. The performers will be materialized by matching the spatialization of their voices with the movement of the 3D images, creating a captivating, mystery-filled experience in which a woman’s delirium is experienced through intensified sight and sound. 


2014:  National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens, Greece  (Occulus Rift version)/ Kaluga Media Arts Festival in Russia, Kaluga Planetarium, Russia / Contentart Vienna, Karlsplatz, Vienna, Austria

2013: Thinktank Birmingham, Birmingham, U.K. / SATfest, SAT, Montreal, Canada.
2012: FULLDOME Festival UK, Leicester, U.K. / Explorations numériques, Québec, Canada / Current Int. New Media Festival, Santa Fe, U.S. / Fulldome Jena, Jena, Allemagne / SatFest Montreal, Canada.
A Co-production with the Society for Arts and Technology [SAT], Montreal, Canada.