entre-deux (2002/03)

The installation entre-deux is a performance for one spectator at a time, which questions the notions of tele-presence, voyeurism and participation.

In this piece, the spectator and the performers find themselves in separate places, from where they communicate via a media set-up directed by a video control. Guided into one of the spaces, the spectator faces his shadow projected on a screen in front of him. Inside his shadow, he quickly discovers the live video transmission of the performers, who react to his movements from the other space. The performance takes place in between (entre-deux) these two spaces. By his movements and displacements, the spectator participates in the creation of his own spectacle.

His body becoming his theatre, he is no longer just a passive observer, but also a co-author of the performance. entre-deux is an in situ work, remodeled each time in relation to the sociocultural context of the place in which it is presented. The installation has, amongst others, taken place in a public storage space beside a highway, in containers located at a port, in trailer homes on a university campus, in a gallery, and in huge wooden boxes overtaking the stage of a theatre. Sometimes with two, other times with three performers, the presentation of entre-deux unfolds over several hours. In the trailers homes, for example, it was presented over four days for a period of eleven hours per day.

Today, we have new ways of entering into communication with others : e-mail, chat rooms, web cams, etc. What remains of communication? With entre-deux, we wanted to explore a representation form where the performers and the spectator are in contact with each other from different places, their presence transmitted by a technological set-up (tele-presence). Who watches and who is watched? As the performance is determined by the engagement of the spectator, he/she takes on some of the responsibility of its outcome. Thus, each performance is unique and creates a singular experience for each spectator.


Concept and artistic direction: Martin Kusch and Marie-Claude Poulin / Performance: Martin Bélanger, Leon Duevel, Josephine Evrard, Sara Hanley, Emma Waltraud Howes, Line Nault, Marie-Claude Poulin, Catherine Tardif, Guy Trifiro / Sound environment: Alexandre St-Onge / Technical direction: Eric Belley

With the support of:
Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, Canada Council for the Arts,
Conseil des Arts de Montréal



Tanztage festival, Fabrik Potsdam,
Potsdam, DE


Usine C,
Montreal, CA

Quebec City, CA


Troy, NY, USA

Yokohama, JP


Escales improbables, Old Port,
Montreal, CA


Ville St.-Laurent, CA