Intérieur is one of the rare dance-and-media performances in the world to be specifically conceived for an immersive environment. The work was presented as the inaugural event of the Satosphère, an immersive dome-shaped theater devoted to artistic experimentation combining digital media, live performance, and culinary arts. The piece is an obsessive procession, a world where the unknown wields fascination and disgust, attraction and repulsion. In the attempt to provoke a feeling of extreme sensorial empathy in the spectator, Intérieur combines the experience of an immersive media environment with savory delights and the excitement of a dance performance.
In the middle of the space, at a podium, we can see a bustling woman. She whispers and mumbles, her incomplete words then transforming themselves into sung moans. In the dome, vast like her thoughts, her secrets are amplified, her fears increased tenfold, her personality multiplied. Following obscure performative protocols, an additional twelve performers carry and serve food, involving the audience in a strange feast

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Skies of liquid architecture and textures, orbital movements and navigations in imaginary geometries, will alter the perception of gravity. Above the spectators’ heads and all around them, images will seem to charge at them: liquid textures possibly referring to flesh, faces anxious and oppressive, running along the walls of the dome. Engaged in victual consumption and social rituals, the public becomes an integral part of a multi-sensory happening involving several senses: taste, touch, vision, smell, hearing, and movement.  --------- Artistic direction, visual concept and virtual imagery: Martin Kusch / Artistic direction, choreography and performance: Marie-Claude Poulin / Sound design: Alexandre St-Onge / Performance and research assistant: Emma Waltraud Howes / Virtual imagery production: Malte Niedringhaus, Franz Schubert / Costume design: Max Wohlkönig / Costume Assistant: Emily Mcintyre / Direction of guest performers and rehearsal assistant: Dominique Porte, Sara Hanley / Choreographic and vocal research assistant: Shannon Cooney, Christiane Hommelsheim / Production Assistant: Olivia Platzer / Technical Assistant: Jean-François Piché /Culinary creation: Seth Gabrielse and Michelle Marek / Immersive audio-visual board operator: Dominic St-Amant, Olivier Rhéaume With the participation of the following guest performers:
David Albert-Toth / Tal Aronson / Christiane Beauregard / Soufïa Bensaïd / Alice Bergeron / Angie Cheng / Marilyn Daoust / Laurence Gagnon / Karenne Gravel / Laurence Houle / Nicolas labelle / Catherine Lepage / Laurence Rondeau L'Écuyer / Emmalie Ruest

Intérieur is a co-production with:
The Society for Arts and Technology [SAT] and Agora de la danse, Montreal.