....The honor of inaugurating the performance space went to the duo of kondition pluriel, Marie-Claude Poulin and Martin Kusch… Intérieur plunges us into an apnea dive in an intra-uterine world.…The human beings on stage cannot compete with the immensity of the immersive projections; wisely, they become the point of departure with cries, sobbing, bursts of laughter, and aborted words, to which the visual environment responds symbolically. Fractured images, hands trying to penetrate the membrane, flowing blood, ominous forests. Everything is impression, suggestion… This first work presented in the Satosphère, which seats approximately 250 people, has something pleasantly disorienting about it while also bringing people closer together.

Stéphanie Brody, Apnea dive in Intérieur at the Satosphère, La Presse, Montréal, Canada, 13th Oct. 2011


The techno-arts Mecca has given birth to the Satosphère, through the experience of a new creation, Intérieur. Here, the objective has been achieved. In this techno-art approach, all the senses are stimulated, pushed to the limit… It is impossible to remain indifferent to this experience of the senses… While in one scene, we may feel withdrawn and trapped, the next projection is capable of lifting our spirits to soaring heights… It is very clear here that there are no limits when it comes to challenging the audience.

Marine Anaïs, Inauguration of the Satosphère: Parallel sensations aboard the sphere of the future, Nightlife.CA, Canada, 14th Oct. 2011


...In the inaugural presentation, entitled "Intérieur," a creation of kondition pluriel, animated by Marie-Claude Poulin and Martin Kusch, very techno visual imagery was matched with a very physical, disenchanted, and emotional human performance. The piece was enhanced by a gustatory experience as sensual as it was unexpected -- the work of the SAT’s Foodlab. A very convincing digital art work...

Hervé Fisher, Observatoire International du Numérique, Blog of Hervé Fisher, Oct.13th 2011