//presence./.techno./.labo.// (2003)

In the exploration //.presence./.techno./.labo.//, ten young dancers, as well as musicians Scott Monteigh (deadbeat) and Mathieu St-Arnaud, join us in working to generate spontaneous artistic propositions during a ten-day residency at Tangente, in Montreal.

This multidisciplinary experimentation, in which the relationships between the elements predominate over the elements themselves, exploits image and sound manipulated in real time. On stage, the different artists are linked together by the same kind of communication protocol as the internet. Each of their actions influences those of the others in real time. The rules are dictated by loops, transformation (process) and feedback. How can a body in motion liberate itself from its identity as a body in motion? Maybe by becoming a sound… How can a sound be liberated from its nature as a sound? By converting to an image?


Tangente, Montreal



Montreal, CA