schème II (2002)

schème II (2002) continues to further develop the concept of schème by building on the knowledge gained and comments gathered along the way from the different contexts of diffusion. Each of the schème scenes is a step forward in a complex and rich direction full of ramifications, the substance of which is far from being depleted. The creative process, previously experimented with, opens new doors and allows for the themes of schème to be revisited and developed further. The relation to time, memory, and space clearly appear as the themes of this work. schème II, which represents the articulation of kondition pluriel’s own language, led to the group’s recognition on the international scene, through its tour in well-known festivals committed to interdisciplinary art, electronic art, and contemporary dance. The work was presented around the world in galleries, theatres or specific places, for which it was adapted in situ each time.


Concept and direction: Martin Kusch and Marie-Claude Poulin / Choreography: Marie-Claude Poulin /  Performance: Marie-Claude Poulin and Line Nault / Media environment and installation: Martin Kusch / Sound environment: Alexandre St-Onge and Alexandre Burton / Rehearsal direction: Marie-Andrée Gougeon / Programming: Alexandre Burton / Lighting design: Patrice Besombes / Electronic engineering: Johan Versteegh

schème II is a co-production with: Fondation Jean-Pierre Perreault and MAI, in Montreal, Future Physical In London, and DieTheater in Vienna.

It was presented in 2002/2003 at:

Dance Umbrella in London, Dance2002 in Munich, Dietheater in Vienna, Transcodex in Rome, Transmediale in Berlin, Itaucultural in Saõ Paulo, and ISEA2002 in Nagoya.