schème (2001)

The choreographic installation schème (2001) presents two dancers/performers who interact with a visual and sound media environment. In schème, the performers act, but they also “tele-act”. The doubling of their personalities does not leave intact their sense of proprioception and body scheme (body image). The choreographic installation presents four gestural and media sequences. Through them, four distinct visions of the body, time and space are proposed. The first sequence (Extension of arms in a parallel world) plays with the theme of the invasion of the body by biotechnology, plastic surgery and artificial intelligence. The second sequence (Siamese twins connected to two illusory projected spacesis a metaphor for the elimination of distance through the acceleration of transport and telecommunications. The third sequence (Suffocating body in a temporal displacement) deals with the loss of meaning that occurs at the hands of transmission channels. The fourth sequence (Fixed body without a head in a virtually constructed environment) evokes the dissolution of the body’s physical presence through the use of telecommunications.


Concept and direction: Martin Kusch and Marie-Claude Poulin / Choreography: Marie-Claude Poulin / Performance: Marie-Claude Poulin and Line Nault / Media environment and installation: Martin Kusch, assisted by Johan Versteegh/ Sound environment: Alexandre St-Onge / Rehearsal direction: Sophie Michaud / Programming: Alexandre Burton / Lighting design: Philippe Dupeyroux / production diretcion: David Poulin / technical direction: Johan Versteegh

DieTheater Wien, Vienna
The Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art Science and Technology, Montreal
Society for technological arts [SAT], Montreal
Future Physical, London

Fondation Jean-Pierre Perreault, Montreal
MAI Interculturel, Montreal

With the support of:
Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, Canada Council for the Arts,
Conseil des Arts de Montréal



Rose des Vents,
Lille, FR

Ménagerie de Verre,
Paris, FR

FIND, Agora de la danse,
Montreal, CA