…What is impressive about these new technology artists, is that they have found a comfortable meeting point between the dancing physical body and technology. The dancers were empowered working in the intelligent space, and were not dominated in any way by the bank of machines, while the intricate and analytical style of their movement mirrored the complex manipulations of the artists at their computers. Together they created a series of disturbing and beautiful images...

Josephine Leask, Jan. 2002, Laboratory Culture, Dance Theater Journal, London, United-Kingdom


The streets of Haidhausen

Good things come in small packages, as could be seen in the Lothringerstrasse art gallery with the festival’s discovery: Canada’s kondition pluriel.

Performing in a space filled with columns, these two young dancers demonstrated with their intense duo that technology could also live and breathe. Video images from the backstreets of the historic quarter of Haidhausen lifted us out of the screening room, confirming Merce Cunningham’s vision by extending the performance space from the stage into infinity...

Eva-Elizabeth Fischer, Nov. 2002, Schöner Klonen, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Munich, Germany