Swarming Gallery - mixed-reality performance-intervention

Swarming Gallery is an installation-performance in which visitors are invited to interact with dancer/performers and virtual characters appearing on their smart-phones.

Durational performance with live dancers: Nov. 22, 2018, 19h30 – 22h00, gallery Kunstraum Niederoesterreich, Vienna.
Exhibition #FUCKREALITY / Vienna Art Week 2018.

Swarming Gallery is a performance excerpt from the site-specific installation-performance, Swarming Lounge, presented in Eindhoven as part of the exhibition ROBOT LOVE.


Concept and artistic direction: Martin Kusch and Marie-Claude Poulin
Choreography: Marie-Claude Poulin, assistance Audrey Rochette
Media environment: Martin Kusch, Johannes Hucek
Sound environment: Alexandre St-Onge 
Installation : Martin Kusch
Installation design: Institute for cultural policy
Programming and stage management: Johannes Hucek
3D modeling animation: Georg Schmidhuber
Dancer/performers: Audrey Rochette and David Campbell