...What if the body went beyond its physical limits? Technologies could no longer extend the body, or multiply its dimensions; and conversely, isn’t the body the greatest catalyst for technological mutations?

…This is the ground explored by kondition pluriel, a company founded by choreographer Marie-Claude Poulin and media artist Martin Kusch. […] But beyond the concepts that underlie their research, in the presentation on stage, the two artists want to simplify their technical and artistic propositions with presence./.techno./.labo.//. Above all, they wish to clarify the causal relationship between movement and its impact in a media environment. […] Their creations where bodies and media interact, are far from being finished or rigid works; rather, they evolve to the rhythm of their discoveries, their errors, and a slow – but sure – master of their art...

Frédérique Doyon, Body to body to multiple dimensions, Le Devoir, February 2003, Montréal, Canada