our works

The work of kondition pluriel is based on research and development processes, where the principal subject of experimentation is the interactive manipulation of a media-based environment through dance / performance. This experimental practice is centered on the construction and simulation of spaces, which re-actualize the presence of the performer as the one of the viewer. We are interested in investigating how digital technologies influence our way of thinking and our perception of the body and the space. The hybridization of media and the transformation processes of the electronic image and sound in a performative context have been our artistic research and activity over the years.

Working with bodies and movement and working with technology and new media require quite different approaches. Combining both of these disciplines and remaining process-oriented as an artistic group is quite challenging. kondition pluriel seeks to fuse rather than juxtapose these disciplines. In an open process, informed by a reciprocal dynamic, strategies of movement are developed according to digital processes and digital processes are developed according to the functioning of the body.


selected exhibitions and performances

Inner Voices, Glowing Globe festival, Rijeka, HR
Future Room, Openings festival, Vienna, AT
Liminal Spaces, Openings festival, Vienna, AT
Inner Voices, Openings festival, Vienna, AT
Future Room, Understanding Art & Research, UCLA, Los Angeles, USA
Swarming Tunnel, Animafest, Grič Tunnel, Zagreb, HR
Diver, Animafest, Grič Tunnel, Zagreb, HR
Swarming Lounge, iX Symposium, SAT, Montreal, CA
Diver, iX Symposium, SAT, Montreal, CA
Diver, XIII Havana Biennale, Ludwig Foundation, Havana, CU

Diver, #fuckreality exhibition, Kunstraum Niederoesterreich, Vienna, AT
Swarming Gallery, #fuckreality exhibition, Kunstraum Niederoesterreich, Vienna, AT
Swarming Lounge, Robot Love exhibition, Campina Milk Factory, Eindhoven, NL
Future Room, Understanding Art & Research, NTU, Singapore, SG
Enjeux, Games as Performing Arts Festival, Amata theater, Falmouth, UK
Future Room, iX Symposium, SAT, Montreal, CA

Future Room, Museum for Applied Arts MAK, Vienna, AT

At Play, ISEA2016, Hong Kong, CN
At Play, Digital Synesthesia, AIL, Vienna, AT

Enjeux, Théâtre La Chapelle, Montreal, CA
Liminal Spaces, Contemporary Code exhibition, Hong Kong, CN

Liminal spaces, iX Symposium, SAT, Montreal, CA
Liminal Spaces (E/M/D/L), CYNETart festival, Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden, DE
Enjeux, Convergence, Banff Centre, Banff, CA
Inner Voices, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens, GR
Inner Voices, Planétarium de Nantes, Nantes, FR

Inner Voices, Kaluga Media Arts festival, Kaluga Planetarium, RS
Inner Voices, ContentArt festival, Karlsplatz, Vienna, AT
Inner Voices, Thinktank Birmingham, Birmingham, UK
Inevitable Beauty / Compulsive Commodity, Moscow Biennale, RS
Inner Voices, SATfest, SAT, Montreal, CA
Inner Voices, SATfest, SAT, Montreal, CA
Inner Voices, Domefest Jena, Jena, DE
Inner Voices, Currents New Media festival, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Inevitable Beauty / Compulsive Commodity, Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi, IN
Inevitable Beauty, Viennafair, Vienna, AT
Inevitable Beauty, Gallery Lisi Haemmerle, Bregenz, AT
[In code], Ufer Studios, Berlin, DE

Intérieur, Inauguration of the dome-theater “Satosphere”, SAT, Montreal, CA

Abandoned, Gallery Articule, Montreal, CA
entre-deux, Tanztage festival, Fabrik Potsdam, DE
Abandoned, Schauraum, MuseumsQuartier, Vienna, AT

passage, Agora de la Danse, Montreal, CA
entre-deux, Mois Multi, Quebec, CA

passage, Cynetart festival, Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden, DE
passage, Tanztendenzen festival, Pommersches Landesmuseum, Greifswald, DE
passage, Fabrik Potsdam, Potsdam, DE

passage, Bains numériques, Enghien-les-Bains, FR

entre-deux, ZAIM, Yokohama, JP
recombinant, Agora de la Danse, Montreal CA
entre-deux, EMPAC, Troy, NY, USA
recombinant, Maison de la Culture Frontenac, Montreal, CA
recombinant, Maison de la Culture. Notre Dame de Grace, Montreal, CA
the puppet(s), Maison de la Culture Mont-Royal, Montreal, CA

entre-deux, Usine-C, Danse-Cité, Montreal, CA
recombinant, Mois Multi, Méduse, Quebec City, CA
recombinant - Le corps techn(o)rganique, Particules festival, Geneva, CH

recombinant, ZKM, Karlsruhe, DE
recombinant - Le corps techn(o)rganique, Transcodex festival, Genoa, IT
entre-deux, Escales improbables, Old Port, Montreal, CA
Myriorama, ISEA2004, Kiasma Theatre, Helsinki, FI
Myriorama, Project Space, London, U.K.

recombinant, Frame festival, Porto, PT
recombinant, Maison de la Culture Mont-Royal, Montreal, CA
//.présence./.techno./.labo.//, Tangente, Montreal, CA
schème II, Transmediale, HDK, Berlin, DE
schème II, Interatividades festival, Itau Cultural Centre, Saõ Paulo, BR
schème II, Transcodex, Petralata theater, Rome, IT

schème II, Dance2002, Lothringer Halle, Munich, DE
schème II, ISEA2002, Nagoya, JP
schème II, Imagetanz, dietheater Wien, Vienna, AT
schème II, Dance Umbrella, ICA, London, UK
entre-deux, MAI02, Ville St. Laurent, Montreal, CA

schème, Rose des Vents, Lille, FR
schème, Ménagerie de Verre, Paris, FR
schème, FIND, Agora de la danse, Montreal, CA