E/M/D/L – European Mobile Dome Lab for Artistic Research (2013-15)

Liminal Spaces:
This work attempts to capture multiple and heterogeneous forms of presences generated by the digital culture but also to critique the intrinsic homogeneity that emerge through processes of surveillance and control. It interrogates the language of the new creative environment of the fulldome, creating the possibility of a rich experience of audience participation: a world of multi-user interactions, navigating through trans-scalar, recursive imaginary territories, harnessing both physical and synthetic worlds.
We are made up of layers: the physical ones of skin and tissues, but also the intangible ones of history, tradition, images, and words. In the strata of sensations and accumulations of meanings, what strategies can be used to subjectivate such heterogeneous materials and find coherence among them? Where should borders be porous and where should they be strengthened? How can we let them breathe and allow them to change their contours? How to inhabit the threshold between two states, conditions, or regions – the transitory, the indeterminate? Sheltering layers of performance, interactivity and image, sound and text, the dome becomes the intermediary membrane between inside and outside, as it is explored and pierced through at the limit of palpable space.


E/M/D/L is a project to build an international exchange network specializing in the creation of new artistic languages and modes of expressions specific to fulldome environments. With four leading European and three Canadian institutions and cultural partners on board, the project aims to bring about the sharing and development of competencies and content within this emerging creative medium. E/M/D/L took place in five countries, from February 2014 to September 2015. It relied on the contribution of approximately twenty highly reputed artist-researchers who have considerable experience in virtual creation, four of which proposed by kondition pluriel: Martin Kusch, Armando Menicacci, Marie-Claude Poulin and Alexandre St-Onge.

The participants took part in eight residencies offered in Canada, Greece, United Kingdom, Germany and Austria. A mobile domic architectural structure equipped with cutting-edge technologies for immersive visualization and sonorization in real time was set up at each residency site. The project culminated with a series of ten evening presentations of three experimental artistic dome-works, showed in the Satosphere Society for Arts and Technology (SAT), in Montreal, Canada: Liminal Spaces explored the dome as a intermediary membrane between inside and outside, harbouring human performance and interactivity amid image, sound and text layers; Murmuration fostered public interaction with digital particle swarms and real-time manipulation of virtual/physical audiovisual objects; and Dream Collider highlighted the role of the user as a living actor in a multi-perspective narrative that unfolds between physical and virtual spaces.

- ISEA2015 Panel Paper. EMDL European Mobile Dome Lab for Artistic Research, Dimitris Charitos, Martin Kusch, Mike Phillips, Marie-Claude Poulin and Ruth Schnell.


Creators of Liminal Spaces: Digital Art Department, Vienna, Austria / kondition pluriel, Montreal, Canada / Trans-Media Akademie,
Dresden, Germany Participants/Collaborators: David Campbell, Carla Chan, Matthias Härtig, Johannes Hucek, Martin Kusch, Marilou Lépine, Armando Menicacci, Marie-Claude Poulin, Audrey Rochette, Ruth Schnell, Alexandre St-Onge, Nikola Tasic

Co-organisers and partners:
Digital Art Department / University of Applied Arts Vienna [AT]
i-DAT (Institute of Digital Art and Technology) / Plymouth University [UK]
Trans-Media-Academy Hellerau / CYNETART festival, Dresden [DE]
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens [GR]
Society for Arts and Technology [SAT], Montreal [CA]
kondition pluriel, Montreal [CA]
LANTISS / Université Laval, Quebec City [CA]
Liminal Spaces benefited from the support of the European Commission / Culture Programme.

European Mobile Dome Lab for Artistic Research (E/M/D/L), Canada and Europe

With the support of:
European Commission / Culture Programme
Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, Canada Council for the Arts, Conseil des Arts de Montréal



Openings festival,
Vienna, AT


Contemporary Code exhibition,
Hong Kong, CN


iX Symposium, Society for Arts
and Technology, Montreal, CA

Cynetart festival, Festspielhaus
Hellerau, Dresden, DE